Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An American in Germany

This blog has been written by guest writer, Joe Spitz, VP of Sales and Marketing for Liberty Packaging - yes, he is my husband. Here, Joe talks of his recent trip to Germany:

“You must order the white asparagus soup,” insisted my hosts, Frank and Peggy Krökel. This was the start of my infatuation with this delightful vegetable. The selected restaurant for my first night in Germany, located in Eisenach, served the soup and the white asparagus dish in a butter or hollandaise sauce. I chose the butter and it was quite delicious. May in Germany is a perfect season to indulge in this unique dish.

The white asparagus discovery was certainly a pleasure, but back to business. My Germany visit allowed me to participate in an Intercept Technology™ team building event for representatives and distributors from all around the globe. Organized by Frank and Peggy’s company CompTrade (European Intercept Technology Dealer), the event included a spirited off-road team competition in which teams of participants drove rugged vehicles through obstacle courses (see pictures) and also a day of sharing Intercept sales situations and packaging solutions from all attending parties.

Applications stories varied, but what was quite evident is that automobile manufacturers all around the world are accepting and appreciating the corrosion protection that Intercept packaging offers. Many wide-ranging tiered parts for the major manufacturers are being transported from diverse locations to assembly sites safely in Intercept, including engine blocks, drive shafts, manifolds; there are very few limitations. The groups’ creative packaging ideas utilizing Intercept were proficient such as bulk packing to save costs, and eliminating protective oil application and removal. Implementation of these ideas saved their customers money on packaging materials and labor, but the big savings came in costs associated with reducing reworks and returns.

It was a joy for me to visit beautiful Germany with its rolling hills, quaint villages, castles, fine cuisine, and friendly people. I am so appreciative of my CompTrade hosts for this experience. It was also illuminating for me to meet people from different parts of the world and who speak different languages that are as passionate about the revolutionary Intercept Technology™ packaging as I am. Intercept is truly worldwide. For more about Intercept Technology packaging, please visit Liberty Packaging Co., Inc.

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emipres said...

Go Pink Team. At first Joe was a bit reluctant to put on the pink jersey, until he saw the team of Germans that would be working with him. The real untold story is how this team was able to get over the language barrier and work together to achieve some spectacular results. The same as the team is doing with the promotion of Intercept. Also, the food in Germany, especially this trip, is awesome, though I am still working on losing the pounds I gained.