Sunday, November 29, 2009

Luxurious Laundry

San Lorenzo
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I love my washer and dryer: the supersize front-loading washing machine and the tumble dryer with upper compartment for hanging items to dry or scent them with fabric softener. The dryer even has screens that slide into the top compartment, on which to place your sweaters and whatnot, for drying items flat, per the instructions on the garment label. I rather like doing laundry - nearly instant gratification, when you consider it takes little more than an hour for the wash and dry, and a few minutes to fold.

As I was walking through Boston a few weeks ago, I spied a gigantic laundromat, well-lit and well-appointed, with so many machines and dispensers for detergents for every type of fabric imaginable - it seemed the perfect place for getting the job done. The only problem as I see it is getting your stuff there and getting it back home. I know people do this every day of the week and don't think twice about it, but for me it seems like a chore I'd avoid until the last pair of clean socks was gone. It got me thinking that every place I've ever lived has had a washer and dryer. Pretty luxurious life I've lived. Doing laundry, to me, is one of the simple pleasures of life and I'm not ashamed to admit it! I'll never take my washer and dryer for granted.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Stewart - for more from Jessica, please go to Rome Photo Blog.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Positive Spin - the Rally Cap Edition

Driving toward Boston over the weekend, I noticed a scrolling electronic road sign informing me that it was "Drowsy Driver Prevention Week". It got me thinking about all of the groups, clubs, drives, guilds, walks, marathons and other organizations for preventing, battling and fighting against diseases, afflictions, viewpoints and politicians. Of course, I agree with the good intentions behind many of these organizations; those who give money and time generously and with the intent of improving our communities should be appreciated. I'm simply pointing out that perhaps we rally for "Alert Driver Awareness" week, or something that makes you think of the circumstances in a more positive light. There's no denying there are sleepy drivers on the road and that it's a safety issue, but let's think of the glass as half (or even more!) full.

In fact, the University of Newcastle in Australia performed a study in 2007 - showing the value of emphasizing assets and attributes within a community rather than focusing solely on deficiencies.

The more I read about and practice the law of attraction, the more validity it seems to have. Some may call it the placebo effect. No matter; if you think it's real, it'll become real, whether it's fear or gratitude. Let's call it "Thank you for Staying Awake While Driving Week" or "Healthy Lungs Month" or "Protecting our Athletes' Brains Campaign". Perhaps you could come up with better catch phrases to acknowledge our assets (I encourage you do do so), but you get the message. I'd like to think we can overcome our need to fight AGAINST the negative, and rally FOR the things we prefer. Some may call it spin or even avoidance. I call it positive thinking.