Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Luggage Dilemma Solved!

I'm so pleased with my new little blue Samsonite Feather Lite suitcase with wheels, telescoping handle and plenty of zipper pockets. It's the perfect size, no fancy gadgets, and the price was right. Purchased at Marshall's, this little blue traveler will be a cinch to locate among all the mostly black bags at the baggage claim.

No more pondering; the choice has been made.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Luggage is Confusing

I'm shopping for a new suitcase. The little inexpensive fabric wheelie bag I bought 12 years ago at BJs Wholesale Club for $45 has some miles on it and is showing signs of wear. Being a thrifty sort, and not being required to travel by plane more than once a year, I've just kept using this somewhat raggedy bag. It's been to Italy once, Disney World a few times, and to the beach house even more. It's been all around Massachusetts, to New York City and even the Poconos. Its telescoping handle is rickety and the seams are starting to come apart around the zippers, but I'm having a difficult time parting with my little green suitcase.

I've searched on Zappos, at Filene's Basement, Marshall's, and Macy's for luggage. No purchase yet. It all seems so expensive to me and I'm afraid to make a commitment. Perhaps I'm being unreasonable. I've procrastinated long enough - there is a trip looming and I must chose.