Monday, June 22, 2009

Let it Rain . . .

Yes, it is still raining here in the Northeast. That's okay, because our lawns are green, the trees are blooming and waving in the breeze, and everything smells clean and fresh. I am enjoying it for now, and will also savor the heat wave, whenever it gets here. It's inevitable.

I hope you won't complain too much about the heat; don't mind me if I ignore you when you do - I'll be too busy sunning myself (SPF 30, natch).

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's About Connections

My strength is in nurturing connections. I am a great supporter of people who value connections and see the worth of others. Really, it's what makes the world work better and we can all do more of it. Sharing ideas and connections makes us better people - there is plenty of (fill in the blank) to go around and our reason for being on this earth is to make it a better place, to be thoughtful and honest as individuals.

It may be a family member, co-worker, neighbor, the person behind you at the cashier. It's just a small effort, but say hello, ask about their day, hold a door open, or let someone cut in front of you in traffic. Pretty simple stuff to show that you care. And if you don't care, fake it at first. Eventually, you'll find that it makes your day a little bit nicer.

I had an uncomfortable conversation with someone today, a new connection, who perhaps needs a gentle nudge to understand that sharing your toys, your ideas, or your connections can be valuable. I feel that underneath, he recognizes the concept, but perhaps needs more time to implement.

Trust yourself and trust others - make connections - you'll make the world a better place, a little bit each day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ladies, Let's Talk about Razors

I know, it may seem a bit too personal, but when I make a good purchase, sometimes I just feel like sharing. Anyone shaving their legs (and it is beach season) will appreciate the wonderful features of the
Venus Embrace ladies' razor from Gillette. It has FIVE blades! One would think two or three enough, but what a close shave it provides. And, the wide surface area of the cartridge with the lotiony edges protects the ankles and knees - where I would normally knick myself.

This one has a little "pod" that you can stick on the shower wall, for storing the razor; this "Shower Pod" opens up for storage of a couple of new cartridges for a quick change when the blades become dull. The whole thing is very handy and the packaging is beautiful, which is why I purchased it in the first place.