Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saturday at the Farmer's Market

Have you been to your local farmer's market? Sponsored by Sustainable Braintree, the Braintree Farmer's Market is open on Saturday mornings through October in the parking lot of town hall, where you'll find vegetables and fruits (some exotic, others familiar), meats, seafood, homemade pies, cookies, soaps, granola, plants and other great items you likely won't find on the shelf at the grocery store. One lucky day I even found the Friends of Thayer Public Library selling gently used paperback books on the cheap! I bought a couple of books that day, but return faithfully each Saturday for the vegetables. Everything there is super-fresh; most of the produce was picked in the last 24 hours - unless you grow it yourself you'll find none better. Some of the sweetest corn and juiciest gigantic tomatoes come from The Farmer's Garden in Rehoboth. On a recent visit, owner Tammy Noons mentioned that the corn had been picked that morning; her table was crowded with buyers scooping up as many ears of corn as they could carry.

It evokes an uncommon, small-town, old-fashioned feeling; mingling in the sunshine with neighbors, while the proud farmers help you choose the best produce and even tell you how to prepare it if you need advice. As the summer winds down, find a farmer's market near you and enjoy the local flavor.

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