Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Theater of the Airport

Sitting in the airport (many hours logged in the past few months) I find myself physically incapable of reading a book or magazine. The goings-on around me are far too fascinating than any novel I've ever read. Business-men and women, families with kids, a high school group with chaperones, a Dad and his son visiting colleges, the airport staff and restaurant-workers. Young, old, joyous or not, fit or carrying an oxygen tank. I'm pretty sure I'm staring rudely (please accept my apology), but I can't help myself. I want to know what you're wearing, eating, reading, talking about - what do you do for work? How old is that kid with the nose ring playing the hand-held video game and why is she traveling alone? Why is that woman reading a trashy novel rather than talking with her husband and daughter over a late dinner? I'll never know the answers, but people-watching in any airport, day or night, is great theater....

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