Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Proceed with Caution - Enthusiasm is Contagious

I recently met young Michael Fontaine, age 20, who has been interested in special effects makeup since he was three years old. He cites the movie "The Exorcist" as the impetus behind his great love of special effects. Michael is both creative and articulate, so his stories of past makeup, drawing, and sculpture projects are completely captivating.

Being around someone like Michael, who expresses excitement and enthusiasm about his work, requires the audience (in this case, me) to see the work through his eyes. While this young man animatedly explained several projects in which he has participated I was thinking how amazing it is that this kid latched onto his chosen career at age three, did the work, made the connections and is now being recommended and mentored by the biggest names in the Hollywood special effects makeup industry. And he continues to do the work (with relish!) to master new skills, as the technology continues to evolve.

You may be working on something completely different, but the energy generated within you by simply listening to a happy and enthusiastic person can carry over into your day, if you're open to that. I know it works for me, even subconsciously. Imagine how a deliberate effort will work - when harnessed properly, another's enthusiasm can power us to focus and be more productive, enjoy the task at hand. That's my plan for tomorrow...

Artwork and photo credits: Michael Fontaine

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