Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shake and Bake

It's like clock-work: daylight savings time arrives and the urge to spend time in the kitchen with it. All summer we subsist on whatever can be grilled and the occasional dinner out or sandwiches packed and carried to the beach. This last few weeks, though, I'm cooking and baking away: soups, brownies, cookies, chicken marsala, beef stew. It makes me feel warm and the house cozy during these dark Fall afternoons.

It happens every year around this time and I know, like the seasons, the newness of this kitchen creativity will wear off for me, usually by the day after Christmas. Meanwhile, my family enjoys hearty meals and plentiful leftovers. And I'm happy to note that young friend Jane has caught the "baking bug" and we the oh-so grateful beneficiaries of her largesse. So far we've enjoyed delicious cupcakes, sweet potato yeast bread and the best whole wheat dinner rolls ever. We dearly hope this trend continues....

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