Thursday, May 28, 2009

What about Google Wave?

I've finished reading a blog about Google Wave by Lars Rasmussen, who, with his brother, Jens, developed this astonishing new software that links all of the communications we (some more than others) use: IM, text, Twit, email, etc. all onto one gigantic "wave", to which you can continue to add connections. Lars notes that after two years of development, the product is not quite ready for public release and he's inviting developers to a "sneak peek".

The thing sounds really cool and Lars wonders whether this new Wave is the "be all end all" (my words) in communications. I seriously doubt it, and not because it's not great, but because of our need to do it better than the last guy. That's what's great about science and technology, music, literature and art.
Why do we keep at it? Because we can and it makes us happy.

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