Thursday, March 18, 2010

Workday Refreshment: Break Time

Consider this a public service announcement. If I had a megaphone, I might use it, turned up to 11, for this friendly reminder:
Now that Spring appears in the Northeast (as evidenced by the sunshine and green shoots in my yard), remember to step outside at lunch or whenever it's convenient, just for a few minutes. Tree-gazing, flower sniffing, bird-watching, or a quick stroll by the single tree near your office building will do wonders for your attitude and demeanor. Co-workers will think "I'll have what she's having". They may ask whether you've lost weight or had a haircut. You'll have roses in your cheeks and a clear mind. Take a break and refresh yourself - get back to nature, even for five minutes. It'll make your day so much more enjoyable.

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