Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Packaging Expert JoAnn Hines on Targeting Consumers Through Packaging

In a recent issue of ThomasNet Industry Marketing Trends (IMT) Expert's Corner, JoAnn Hines, aka The Packaging Diva, lays out how the still-weak economy and fickle consumers are forcing businesses to rethink their packaging decisions.

It goes without saying that packaging plays a critical role in marketing a product or brand. However, it takes more than just a pretty package to sell a product that resonates with consumers.

IMT recently picked the brain of JoAnn Hines, a packaging consultant, speaker, educator and overall one of the busiest people in the packaging industry. Known in the industry as The Packaging Diva, Hines weighs in on some of the key forces within product packaging today.

For Hines' insight into the consumer packaging market, now and for 2011, read the full article here: Targeting Consumers Through Packaging

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