Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Make My Day

This is the time of year when many people see only the light at the end of the tunnel. They travel through their day with great purpose, without regard for what is swirling around them, only seeing that there are too many other cars on the road home from the office, no parking spots at the mall or in front of the library. If there are two customers in front of them at the ATM, this throws off their carefully-timed expedition by possibly ten minutes - a catastrophe of epic proportions. Perhaps this person is you.

I was once this person. I occasionally lapse into this behavior even now, grumbling about the lack of carriages or baggers at the grocery, the selection of greeting cards at the drugstore. But it's no fun and spreads irritation and ill-will, so I'm offering myself up as a bad example, in case you find yourself indulging in this type of negative behavior. After all, you're only human. My recommendation to you is that you find a mirror (perhaps you're in the car - the rear-view mirror works fine for this little exercise), look yourself in the eye and laugh. It may feel fake, initially. That's okay - give it a try. It really helps - what friendlier face could you find than your own familiar mug, laughing at yourself? It takes the edge off, you can go about your day feeling sufficiently appreciated. Then take a look around you - drink it all in - and remember to pay that smile, that laugh, forward to the next person you see....it's contagious!

Do it - I promise it'll make your day.

Still need a reason to laugh? Try this laughing baby video (if you're at work, turn the volume down).

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