Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eleven Social Media Rules

I'm not a social media expert, but I play one on TV. That's not even a little bit true, but as a frequent user of social media, I offer these helpful and easy to use Facebook and Twitter rules. You'll find other more comprehensive lists; these are my basic guidelines:

  1. Social media, especially Twitter, is for interacting with people - not just for selling your new book, SEO service or webinar - a good ratio is 10 to 1 - ten Tweets should be you having conversation and sharing other people's great info. The 11th is your blog or seminar or jewelry sale. Some would say 12 to 1 is even better.
  2. Don't post every little detail of your day - share a funny story, a great song, an interesting photo, or a topical new article. Talk to us. Have a conversation.
  3. Your profile photo or avatar represents you -  choose it wisely.
  4. Google yourself to see what's out there on the web about you - it may help to know how the world sees you.
  5. Be nice - debate is welcome, nastiness and name calling just beget more of the same.
  6. It's okay to share problems or challenges - I can't tell you how many wonderful people are out there who have helped or supported me with kind words, connections, and even graphic design assistance.
  7. You don't have to follow or friend everyone who reaches out to you.
  8. Say thank you to those who comment or share your thoughts and ideas with their connections.
  9. My Facebook friends are just that - family, friends and a few special connections from Twitter whom I now consider friends - think about whether it's wise or helpful for your business and personal connections to mingle on FB.
  10. There may be those who want the intimate details of your love life - I'm not one of them. Or maybe I am, but I recommend you make it a private message and not a wall post or Tweet for all to read. 
  11. Facebook privacy rules continue to evolve - we'd all do well to pay attention and adjust our privacy settings as needed.

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