Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Packaging on Twitter

If you have a specialty in occupation or avocation, you want to find others who care about it and have conversations with them - share what you know. Through them, you meet new people to talk with or listen to. It doesn't matter whether your forte is establishing a food empire one cookie at a time @jbchang, teaching young women how to enhance their self-esteem @KathleenHassan, taking beautiful photographs to tell the story of how women age @BeautyofWisdom, writing and performing richly layered and memorable music @TheVanBurens, or whatever you love.  Your goal is to do your work, your art, and find your audience - the people who will provide that give and take.

When I began my first Twitter account in October of 2009, I never expected to find so many smart people who are interested in packaging, but they're teaching me, sharing information, and supporting me daily. Here are some of the many insightful packaging experts and organizations who share my philosophy of give and take on Twitter:

@PackagingDiva  JoAnn HinesAnswers, Advice, Results from GO TO person in packaging. I speak, blog, educate, on all things packaging and support those who support me.
@packagingdigest  For nearly 50 years, Packaging Digest has been the packaging industry’s best known, most trusted and most widely distributed information resource.
@cnvcurmudgeon  Mark SpauldingBloggist for The Converting Curmudgeon; associate publisher; chief editor of Converting Quarterly; web-processing industry bon vivant.
@packageSPEAK  Package SPEAK is THE place for consumers like you to share your likes, dislikes, frustrations; ideas about packaging. Take notice, share; impact an industry.
@PackagingKid  Lex CislerPackaging and Corrugated expert here to keep you updated on market trends, solve as many warehouse problems as I can and bring an edge to the packaging industry
@PMMIorg   Trade association serving packaging and processing machinery manufacturers. Your official location for info. 
@packfutur   Thoughts on the future of packaging by Leading Futurists LLC principals Jennifer Jarratt @jenjarratt and John Mahaffie @jbmahaffie
@Pack_TV   Simon Twilley Love Packaging, love TV, so launched a WebTV Channel about packaging!
@thedieline  The World's #1 Package Design Website 

If you'd like to connect with more packaging experts on Twitter, follow my Twitter Packaging list, which continues to grow as I find more smart people in the packaging business. Follow and DM me @laineyd7 if you'd like to be added.


Robbie Kaye said...

Wonderful post Elaine! Thank you for mentioning Beauty & Wisdom, I'm honored!

Elaine Spitz said...

Hi Robbie - it's important to give credit where due - you inspire me!

Simon Twilley said...

Elaine I have to work out an easy way to get you on www.PackTV.co.uk
to add a little glamour.

Elaine Spitz said...

Simon you're so sweet! Thank you!