Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good Day Sunshine Songs - My Top Four

Flower and Sun by Idea Go on Freedigitalphotos.net
In New England we're in the thick of winter cold, sunless days, freezing nights, icy sidewalks, snow-covered windshields and canceled events.  To counteract all that I give you my top four songs about sunshine. They make me happy - maybe you'll find they help keep you warm and smiling, too, wherever you are.

"Let the Sunshine In" from the musical "Hair"- my favorite version is from the original cast recording and includes "Aquarius" and "The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)" from 1969. Starts with a single voice and builds to a chill-inducing chorus. My second favorite of version of this song can be found at the end of the movie "40-Year-Old Virgin" starring Steve Carell.

"Good Day Sunshine" - The Beatles, from "Revolver"*
"Here Comes the Sun" - The Beatles, from "Abbey Road"*
"The Warmth of the Sun" - Beach Boys, from "The Warmth of the Sun"*
For more song ideas, see Coolrain44's list of top 100 mainstream "Songs About Sun and Sunshine"

The days are getting longer.... 
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