Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Climate Change - Control of the Green

Guest blogger Joe Spitz, my partner in the Liberty Packaging Co., as well as in life, chronicles a recent debate with a friend on the subject of climate change:

My friend might be labeled a “climate-change denier”. He maintains it’s more accurate to call him “a proponent of the scientific method”. In our ongoing debate, he has some interesting points:

--> Man’s contribution to the trace gas carbon dioxide and its levels is insignificant compared to the entire workings of the planet and solar system.

--> CO2 is not an enemy; it is a building block for plant life and this planet.

--> For the climate, what are most influential are the natural earthly and solar cycles, climate changes are inevitable and man’s presence does not influence them. The earth and sun are always in motion.

--> Leaders of the “green” proponents are “control zealots” that want to control social norms and governments with their self importance.

--> He believes that the ‘green” movement is a money grab for some.

--> It has become a one sided debate with the science community, governments, and most importantly the media; anyone opposing the common belief of climate change is ostracized and/or ridiculed. Where is the discussion for all issues?

--> Because of the alleged doctoring of temperature statistics by a leading climate research organization, my friend has strengthened his position in our debate.

--> The rest of us are brainwashed by the media and academia.

There are many members of the scientific community on the internet with similar opinions.

There may be some truth to his rationale as to how scientists can accurately predict the future with something as vast as our planet and solar system. With that said, isn’t it wonderful how all of us in this country and the world can rally around a focal point? Shouldn’t we always be looking for more efficient methods? Many generations of Americans have used resources carelessly and this “green” movement has made us more conscientious with our environment. Cause and effect; isn’t this a good cause?

Companies now want to be on the “green” side and do the right thing. Elaine and I have been marketing and selling the truly “green” Intercept Technology™ packaging for years with resistance from certain organizations, often because change is difficult for some businesses. But now, leading companies are finding that lowering their carbon footprint is good for them and good for all. They experience an advantage to be publically recognized for their efforts for a better planet and not for polluting it like the disgraceful negligent and hazardous stories we would so often hear in the past. In the Intercept case studies, companies saved a ton of money; green can be less expensive.

Back to the debate with my friend: does it matter what the motive is when we work as a community to be better and leaner? My position is to find the balance so that we do not “throw out the baby with the bath water”. I hope our legislators do not compromise our industrial base by grandstanding to the environmental issue. We need good manufacturing jobs in order for our economy to prosper. But if we can all concentrate on things in our lives and jobs that are more efficient and friendlier to our fellow workers, our companies, and community, then embracing green practices is smart and sensible.

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Packaging Diva said...

Great post. I was a anthropology major with a geology minor before I switched to business degree. We actually are in 5th interglacial ice age.
For those of you that don't understand what that means the earth has warmed (ice melting) and cooled (glaciers all the way down to the mid Atlantic states) 4 times before now. So cooling -warming is cyclical.
Guess that makes me a denier too.