Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Merry Spitzmas

Tomorrow (actually later today, now that I notice the time) is the day we get together with all of the Spitz family for a Christmas celebration - it's a large group now with Joe's Mom and her husband, five siblings, their wives, children and grandchildren and of course us and our kids.

I think it's 36 people - pretty big group in our cozy house for a casual dinner and yankee swap, using our own quirky set of rules, re-explained each year by Christine to an increasingly boisterous family. If we're lucky, the swap will get a little chippy, like a basketball game where the refs turn a blind eye to blatant fouls; it's more fun when gift recipients grow fond of "their" gift and there's danger of it being snatched from sweaty palms by some lurker with a higher number. Is your family like this? Now that there's a sizable group of 20-somethings, they tend to battle with their uncles over gifts of alcoholic beverages or new release DVDs. Any year there's been a Batman or Terminator release, that's been the prize everyone wants.

A 20 pound ham and two large lasagnas wait in the downstairs fridge, and everyone contributes a side dish, snack, beverage or dessert - enough to feed the masses and then some. The snow won't keep them away . . . I hope.

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