Monday, December 28, 2009

The Coach

I think of him as a coach, but he's really our accountant. Alan Dennis is sensible and logical, conscientious, soft-spoken and intelligent. Exactly the attributes you want in an accountant. Or a coach.

Alan's first business is Dennis & Co accounting services, which he has owned and run for 18 years. He also has a newer business selling police badges and related products. Alan admitted, when pressed, that his ePoliceSupply business grew about 47% in 2009, a year in which many small companies let people go or closed their doors altogether. Clearly there is a market for these products and he knows how to reach it. His success in his businesses allows his clients to trust him without reservation, because he's right in there working hard with the rest of us, showing us how it's done.

Using the measuring stick of job satisfaction, business growth and long-time clients in two companies, Alan the businessman/coach is a terrific role model for the rest of us.

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