Thursday, January 13, 2011

Julien Smith Thinks I'm Fat

Forgive me. As far as I know, Julien Smith has never said he thinks I’m fat. Here’s what really happened. A New Year’s Day post by Julien caught my attention for two reasons: First, because I’ve gained a few pounds since Thanksgiving week and this weight gain is bugging me. I’ve been the same weight since a short time after my second son was born more than 23 years ago. This is new territory for me, and I’m middle-aged and it’s just weird. Unless you know me very well, you probably won’t notice this weight gain. That’s fine - it’s not really about you, it’s about me.

The second reason Julien caught my attention is that his writing on weight loss suggests I do what I’ve heard from many other sources, but never really (until now) considered doing: give up sugar and flour. I know this works because many friends, particularly those who find themselves facing food allergies or other health issues, have followed a “no sugar/no flour” mandate and all have lost weight, allergy symptoms decreased, life is better, new foods are tried, all good things come to pass. The proof is there: “no sugar-no flour” works for many people.

One reason for my hesitation to employ this regime is that one of my most treasured Christmas gifts is a signed copy of the brand new bakery cookbook by Joanne Chang, 
“Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe” (associate link). This book (click here for my recent review) is chock full of the most delightful recipes, straight from the kitchen(s) of one of Boston’s most prolific pastry chefs.

I’ve already created Joanne’s buttermilk biscuits and snickerdoodles, and each was sublime. In fact, I’ve tried multiples recipes for buttermilk biscuits in the past and hers was the most fluffy, flaky, and tender batch of biscuits I’ve ever made.

The most delightful fun for me in the kitchen is throwing some butter and sugar into my Kitchen Aid mixer and concocting some type of cookie, bar, bread or cake for my family and whoever else happens by for a cup of tea. Perhaps you could say it’s in my DNA to bake. How can I possibly turn my back on sugar and flour?

Let’s just say I’m weighing my options....

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